Labor consulting in Madrid

Optimize your company's labor management

In today’s highly competitive business environment, ensuring compliance with labor laws and efficiently managing employee relations has become of utmost importance.

At PROLANSI we offer you comprehensive labor advice, with a team of experts who will advise you on everything related to labor legislation and your company’s employees. This way you make sure that you comply with current legislation and take advantage of all the opportunities to get the maximum benefit from your business. 

A team of labor advisors at your side!

Labor advisors reviewing labor documentation

How can we help and advise you?

Risk Mitigation

We advise you to comply with current legal regulations and help you to foresee and prevent possible legal risks.

Experience and specialization

It has experts in labor regulations and leading practices in human resources management, ready to provide you with their specialized knowledge.

Monitoring and updating

Our team of advisors is always up to date with the regulations so that your company complies with all labor obligations.

Labor advisory services

In our labor department, we provide a comprehensive range of tailored advisory services to meet the specific needs of your company. Our personalized and expert approach covers everything from payroll management and employment contracts to conflict resolution and the enhancement of human resources practices.

Labor advisors managing documentation

Most demanded labor services

These are some of our most requested labor services.

Registration, deregistration, and data variations in Social Security.

Calculation of withholdings and tax filing.

Terminations and sanction letters.

Payroll reports and social security cost analysis.

Labor inspections.

Severance packages, terminations, and sanction letters.

Labor compliance audits.

Retirements and unemployment benefits.

Employment Regulation Files.

Submission of tax forms 111, 190, 216, and 296 for withholdings.

Simplify your labor procedures

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